Athani Sugars Limited.

    Athani Sugars Limited, is an integrated sugar manufacturing company in India. Its allied business consists of manufacturing and marketing of Alcohol & Ethanol, generation and selling of power and manufacturing and marketing of organic manure. Company has 2 sugar factories located in Karnataka (Belgaum) & Maharashtra (Kolhapur) having an aggregate crushing capacity of 13,000 tons per day.

Hon. Shrimant Patil [Chairman & M.D]


Chairman and Managing Director is a B.Sc (Agril) and is having family owned land of about 100 acres. He is in agriculture for last 30 years. He is also a social worker and related with various social bodies, educational institutions, cooperative credit societies, irrigation societies, etc. He has gained vast experience in the fields of production, Agriculture development, Civil Construction & Technical field of the sugar industry. His popularity has spread over the districts of Belagavi, Kolhapur, Sangli and Satara. He was a member of Revenue Tribunal of Government OF Karnataka. He is looking after the day-to-day activities of the company as Managing Director. He is a founder of Athani Sugar Limited.

Company Profile


       Athani Sugars Ltd came into existence in the year 1995 under the leadership of Shri. Shrimant B Patil.

Manufacturing Sugar from Sugarcane is the core business area of the company. The first crushing season was 2001-2002. Initial crushing capacity of the company was 2,500 TCD, which was later on expanded to 10,500 TCD in two stages.

In the year 2014, the Company has undertaken Udaysingrao Gaikwad Sahakari Sakhar Karhana Ltd, Sonwade-Bambavde, Tal- Shahuwadi, Dist- Kolhapur, on lease basis for a long-term period. The crushing capacity of this plant is 2,500 TCD. Thus, the total crushing capacity of the company goes to 13,000 TCD.

Realising the importance of sugar by-products, the company has diversified into other business areas. It has a Distillery with a capacity of 90 KLPD. The commercial production was started from the year 2008. A cogeneration plant with the capacity of 24 MW was established in the year 2012. After in-house captive consumption, the surplus power is exported to the State Government. The Company produces around 20,000 MT Organic Manure (bio compost) annually.




Athani Sugars, is continuously running into profit from its inception paying competitive sugarcane price to the sugar cane suppliers.

It has undertaken to start irrigation schemes within operation area to bring dry land under irrigation to so as to enable the farmers to bring their dry land under irrigation as a result their standard if living will be improved and simultaneously company will also get assured good quality of sugar cane from the nearer distance.