Mission & Vision

The company got letter of intent for setting-up a sugar factory for manufacture of white crystal sugar with a capacity of 2500 TCD. Now the company has completed expansion project for expanding the crushing capacity from 2500 TCD to 4500 TCD.
The company took up a project of setting up a sugar factory at Vishnuanna Nagar, Post: Navalihal, Tal: Athani, Dist: Belgaum - 591 234 of Karnataka State. The main objectives behind setting-up a sugar factory at above location are as follows:
The Nos of sugar factories in this area were inadequate considering the sugarcane crop grown in and around this area. Due to this farmers had no alternative but to supply their sugarcane to sugar factories in Maharashtra within the range of 100 to 150KM. Due to the long distance between sugar field and factory and also due to the fact that farmers here had no other alternative to supply their sugar cane to such factories. The sugarcane price paid by those sugar factories was very low. A factory, which was paying cane price of Rs. 850 to 900 per tonne to sugarcane growers in Maharashtra, was paying cane price of Rs. 500 to 650 only to sugarcane growers in Karnataka. This resulted in got to gather and decided to big loss to the farmers and there by loss of Karnataka State. To overcome this problem the promoters sustaining set-up own sugar factory to cater to the needs of sugarcane growers in Athani Taluka. Thus the very objective was to appropriate price for to pay sugarcane and thereby help in upliftment of overall population of Athani Taluka.
The second main objective was to provide employment opportunities to unemployed persons in this area. The main occupation of people in Athani Taluka is agriculture. There are no industries in Athani Taluka which is a industrially backward area, notified by Govt. of Karnataka. Due to this there were very few employment opportunities. To correct this situation to some extent, setting up of one big project was very much essential. Our sugar factory was expected to provide direct emplo